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Mitas Terra Force-EH Super Soft

Mitas Terra Force-EH Super Soft

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Mitas 140/80-18 TERRA FORCE-EH Super Soft Extreme Enduro 2 Green Stripe 70M Tire

Recommended TerrainWet/Dry Rocks, Roots, Shale, Gravel on Rocks, Silt on Rocks, Extreme Terrain, Technical Singletrack

This tire is best in rocky and hard-packed terrain but also performs well in slick clay/mud due to it's wide knob spacing that fights against loading up. When squished down, it creates a very large contact patch that molds itself around rocks, ledges, logs, and other obstacles. This gives the rider a very stable and predictable feel on technical climbs. Given the tire's relatively low profile, and short FIM legal knobs, it also handles well in more open/flowy single track without folding over. Due to the tire's very thin and light carcass, a soft mousse is recommended for best performance and to prevent punctures. Tubeless systems will provide the best traction at low PSI but run a risk of puncture flats.


Rim: 18"

Width: 140/80

Tread Pattern: TERRA FORCE-EH

Load/Speed: 70M

Position: Rear


Stripe Color: 2 Green (Super Soft)

Tube Type: Tube

Weight: 12.16 LBS

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