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Mitas C-19

Mitas C-19

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Mitas C-19 DOT Enduro FIM Green Stripe 57R Tire

Recommended TerrainDry Rocks, Roots, Grass, Sand, Gravel, Technical Terrain, Singletrack

This tire works great for a wide range of terrains. It's small width knobs claw deep into soft terrain providing confident turning on grass and loamy dirt. The C-19's lightweight construction performs incredibly well at high speed on any surface. The soft rubber compound holds up well in turns but provides enough grip for steep, rocky downgrades.


Rim: 21"

Tread Pattern: C-19

Load/Speed: 54R (90/90), 57R (90/100)

Position: Front


Stripe Color: Green (Soft)

Tube Type: Tube

Weight: 7.89lbs (90/90), 9.22lbs (90/100)

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