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Lectron BILLETRON PRO BIG AIR (300cc-500cc)

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Designed and engineered in collaboration with some of the top engine builders in the USA, the BILLETRON™ PRO-SERIES obliterates what was previously thought possible for two-stroke performance.

The BILLETRON™ PRO BIG AIR has created a class of its own in performance carburetors for 300cc-500cc bikes. This carburetor combines the best of all worlds, we've taken the benefits of OEM fuel flexibility and adjustability of 3 fuel circuits, made it trackside adjustable within seconds, and combined it with an engineered bore design that provides tailored air flow and velocity dynamics specific for volumetric capabilities of 300cc-500cc engines. This results in the most adaptable, simple, and powerful product on the market. Period.

Our easily adjusted three circuit fuel delivery allows isolated adjustment at different points of the powerband within seconds. This allows riders and engine builders to gain control on when and where they need fuel to achieve optimal AFR at combustion and unlock new levels of performance. Achieve your bikes perfect fuel delivery, trackside, in a fraction of the time. This, combined with the notrious air-flow capability that has landed Lectron products on podium after podium, is what delivers a truly unmatched product.


  • 3 Adjustable Fuel Circuits: Metering rod - Torque Jet - Power Jet
  • Tailored Bore Design - Engineered to maximize and optimize air flow and velocity in 300cc-500cc engines
  • TPS option
  • Constant vacuum jetting system provides immediate fuel delivery resulting in incredible throttle response


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