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Phoenix 118 Bars

  • 11400

Product Details

  • Constructed from 2014-T6 aluminum
  • Oversized 1 1/8” clamp area
  • Anodized black
  • Laser-etched center alignment and cut-lines
  • Available in four rise options (70, 80, 90, 100mm)
  • 57mm Sweep

The Phoenix 118 handlebar will take you and your dirt bike anywhere your heart desires. Whether you are carving through the trees, racing moto’s at your local track, or enjoying trails with your family, we have the setup to make your day of riding even more fun.

The oversized clamp area is 1 1/8” to allow for a tapered design that creates strength while eliminating the crossbar clamp to allow added flexibility. What that means is your arms take a little less punishment and your day of riding goes on a little longer. How can that be bad?

Laser-etched cut-lines on the ends of the bars help for those that are dodging tight trees and need to shave off metal. Or maybe you simply feel the 800mm width feels too wide. Measure twice, cut once, install grips, go ride.

Keeping your elbows up is critical to control your bike. All of our bars have a 57mm sweep that helps put you in that proper position.

Four different rises allow for an easier choice in finding the right bar for your motorcycle. It is not a hard and fast rule that your height means you need a particular rise. It’s a personal preference for those that want a shorter bar or one that is quite a bit taller. We are here to assist in finding the right bar height.

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