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Billetron Big Air 300-500cc - Lectron Carburetor

Billetron Big Air 300-500cc - Lectron Carburetor

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Performance - Consistency - Simplicity

The BILLETRON Big-Air is designed specifically to maximize performance in big bore two strokes while continuing in the simplicity and technology of Lectron heritage. Gain peak performance, lose the jets. The BILLETRON Big-Air builds on the existing two fuel circuit system of the legacy Lectron products. Continuing with Lectron Metering Rod Technology and the Adjustable Power Jet fuel circuit for top end fuel adjustment, the BILLETRON™ Big-Air mechanically adjusts to your elevation changes and weather conditions while giving flexibility to adjust top end fuel, delivering optimal peak performance. The BILLETRON™ Big-Air has been engineered to take big bore volumetric capabilities and create specific air flow delivery and fuel dynamics that maximize peak performance. This results in carburetor that has been designed, engineered, and manufactured specifically to maximize the performance of your built machine.

Key Features: 

  • Newly designed bore for air flow and fuel optimization in big bore two strokes
  • Two fuel circuits: Metering rod - Power jet
  • OEM Ready - Use your OEM throttle cable and throttle
  • Fuel Drain Plug
  • DIY rebuild capability - change gaskets, o-rings, and other parts in your garage
  • 30 Day Guarantee   

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