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BeRAD Enduro Tool Roll

  • 3500


Made to withstand the abuse of tools and reduce wiggle and clanking. A high quality tool roll with outstanding organization and surprising capacity! Keep all of the tools required to keep your bike going on the trail in a neat and compact roll. Designed to work with the BeRAD Enduro Fanny Pack for optimized stability.



Large outer velcro surface for adjustable roll tension

4 slot compartments w/ upper loops and safety flap

Large internal compartment w/ heavy duty YKK zipper

4.5x9x2.5in (folded - fully loaded)

Fits: KTM axle wrench, KTM socket tube, T Handle, 1/4" ratchet, Screwdriver, Pliers, Allens, Box ends, fuel line, safety wire, tape, spare levers.


Sourcing materials can be tough these days but we are doing our best to use materials manufactured in the US. From the thread to the fabric...okay, we let the Canadians make the buckle but they're alright, dontch'a know!

Manufactured in Utah by Tight Chutes Co. -

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