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This 1.4 inch width/length/height billet 6061 aluminum cube with 9 through holes on every side is mesmerizing to look at! The ultimate trinket for any fidgeter or collector of cool and unique objects. Not only does it feel good in your hands and look incredible as the light reflects off of it at every angle imaginable, it's made here in Michigan with a precision 4th axis live tooling CNC lathe. Put two opposing corners between your fingers and give it a spin! Watch one being made here: Making "THE CUBE"

-Fidgeter, Pencil Holder, Spinner, Makeup Brush Holder, Scratcher, Pet Scratcher, Rearview Mirror Ornament, Keychain, Desk Toy, Paper Weight, Visual Stimulator, Collectable Item.

IMPORTANT: Not for small children. They can get their fingers stuck in the holes which may cause injury. Do not drop on hard surfaces as it may damage the anodizing or dent the metal.

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