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Mitas XT-754 Super Light 120/90-18 Green Stripe Soft

Mitas XT-754 Super Light 120/90-18 Green Stripe Soft

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Mitas 120/90-18 XT-754 Super Light Motocross Country Cross Extreme Green Stripe 65M Tire

Recommended Terrain: Sand, Grass, Gravel (low/mid speed), Loam, Mud, Ruts, Dry Rocks, Roots.

The XT-754 utilizes a tread pattern that features a series of tall, aggressive knobs, with a stripe of single knobs down the center. This pattern focuses weight onto a smaller area of contact which bites deeply into soft terrain. The wide knob spacing evacuates mud making it great for deep ruts and heavily soaked loam. Given that it still has a soft rubber compound, it sticks quite well to rocks at low pressure. The tall knobs act as a sort of "grapple" on smaller ledges and roots. This tire suits the rider who loves to shred fast but also retain grip on the slower, more technical sections. Note that on hard packed dirt roads, the tread pattern may create a certain "wobble" at higher speeds. Tubes, Mousse Bib, and Tubeless Systems can all work well for this tire.


Rim: 18"

Width: 120/90

Tread Pattern: XT-754

Load/Speed: 65M

Position: Rear


Stripe Color: Green (Soft)

Tube Type: Tube

Weight: 11.99 LBS

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