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Protective Gear

Posted by Brad Roberts on

Below is a link to a video of all of the crashes I have captured in 2015. Although some of these crashes look pretty serious, no one was seriously injured. My friends and I can thank good protective gear for keeping us safe while participating in this relatively dangerous but fun sport.

Here is a list of gear that I wear for each riding scenario:

Supermoto Road Gear

Street riding has to be the most dangerous type of riding that is done. There are so many unknowns such as gravel, potholes, idiot drivers, and of course the fact that there are so many objects that you could hit if you were to fall or lose control. Of course, it isn't always possible to wear the "best" gear when riding street. I can't imagine trying to gear up in my one-piece racing leathers and moto boots just to drive to work everyday. I'd certainly feel better about wearing them but it just doesn't seem reasonable. With that said, I choose the textile over-pants, and breathable body armor suit along with a more flexible boot for daily riding. It offers fairly good protection for the kind of daily riding I do and is very comfortable. One thing that I would like to change for next season are my boots. I feel they do not offer enough ankle protection in the event of a crash. It is important to have a flexible boot for operating the footbrake in wheelies, but the S-MX 2 boots really lack in ankle support and I think a better compromise could be made between support and flexibility. 


Supermoto Track Gear

This is one area of riding that I feel there is no excuse for not wearing the most protective gear possible. Of course, money may be a factor, but there are plenty of relatively cheap ways to properly gear up. Besides, this should all be taken into account as an expense BEFORE you even buy a bike/start riding it. Last season, I used my street gear setup with the exception of my Alpinestar tech 3 moto boots in place of the S-MX 2's. They are full length moto boots and I could not imagine riding track with anything less. In track riding, you are most likely there to push your limits. To see what you and your bike can do. Crashes should be expected. For this next season, I plan on doing track days as often as possible. I purchased a full leather racing suit to ensure that I would be best protected. 


Enduro/ Off-road Gear

Some people say that they can't ride properly when they are suited up like iron man. I never understood that. I think buying the right gear can give you great protection all while being very comfortable. I wear pads head to toe with the exception of my wrists. Yes, I did sprain my wrist very bad in the video but the throttle is one thing I can't imagine operating with wrist guards in an enduro setting. I have never felt uncomfortable or that I am being constricted. In fact, I feel much more confident knowing that a fall is much less likely to cause injury. 

I can't tell anyone what to wear or how to ride, but I will suggest that everyone get proper gear and make (reasonably) smart decisions while out on the street/track/trail.

Have a great day and braaaaapppp on!


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